Travel Visas For All Situations

If you are visiting downunder, you are only eligible to apply for an ETA Travel Visa while you are outside of Australia so make sure this is done well in advance – it is not necessary to have a flight booked before being issued with your Australian Visas.

In fact, Australian government immigration recommends your travel visa should be arranged before booking any part of your holiday to ensure approval has been granted to visit Australia – why not do it the same time you check out immunization (vaccination) requirements or travel insurance for foreign countries while you await your visa. Ensure you advise your travel agent, airline or cruise ship office that you already have an travel visa when booking your tickets for your flights and accommodation.

If you are looking for travel visa info for cheap overseas holidays or luxurious cruises to countries other than Australia, use the map below to navigate or visit our dedicated pages for travel visa information. Most popular are our Schengan Visa pages, our page on Indian Visas and the page on the US ESTA Visas. Find out more at About Us.

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